Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting started in Animation

The purpose of this Blog is to look at some of the many Animation sites around and see what's new; what's interesting, and where they fit into the great scheme of things animation-wise.

My interest is mainly to get animation into schools and the community as I used to run children's workshops, and in particular, classes for Special Needs children, so had to find ways that children with no experience of animation; no particular skills, and not much time to practice, could produce work they found fun and creative.

Many of the children had physical and mental handicaps, so techniques had to be devised suitable to their capabilities. Much of this work can be found on my site so this Blog is an appendage to that.
That site does list links to other animation sites, but this is the place to look at what's going on, and the trends.

For idle moments look at: Animation


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